TX Stabilizers (Long Pole)
TX Stabilizers (Long Pole)
TX Stabilizers (Long Pole)
TX Stabilizers (Long Pole)

TX Stabilizers (Long Pole)

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Stabilizer set includes one size 6.25U (WK), 7U (WKL) and four 2U pieces.

Sets now include both 6.25U and 7U stab wires!

Introducing NEW TX Stabilizers with a 1mm longer stem!

Implementing a patented technology, kin25 of TX Keyboard has improved the design of Cherry clip-ins to minimize rattling and prevent wire pop-out (using stab stoppers included with the set). The patented design features a double shot stabilizer stem with a POM outside and TPU & POM mixture inside. This mixture helps to minimize wire rattle and bottom out noise.

  • WK/WKL Kit: Includes one 6.25U, one 7U + four 2U stabilizers
  • 2U Kit: Includes three 2U stabilizers
  • 1 pack of stab stoppers (12 shims total)

    * We recommend that you lubricate the stabilizers with a thin coat of Krytox 205g0 or Krytox XHT-BDZ prior to use.


    Rev. 2: Shims/Inserts were updated to fit more PCBs
    Rev. 3: Addition of White coloured stabilizers + 1.2T PCB variant

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