Prefilled Syringe of Krytox 205G0
Prefilled Syringe of Krytox 205G0

Prefilled Syringe of Krytox 205G0

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Krytox GPL 205 Grade 0, also referred to as 205g0, is a industrial-grade grease, thickened with PTFE. It is used to lube keyboard switches, giving them a very smooth feel when typing.

The syringes are prefilled with approximately 2.5mL of 205G0. They are used specifically for tuning your stabilizers. The needle and syringe will arrive disassembled and will need to be screwed in tightly to function. The needle tip is blunt and is thin enough to fit between the stabilizer wire and housing.

Here is a video on how to use the syringe to tune your stabilizers. 

**** Use Warning ****

Lubricant can not be cleaned with soap and water and is resistant to many solvents. 

Although the lubricant is chemically stable and non-hazardous please wear gloves and place a protective layer of drop-plastic below any working surface.  Spills are difficult to clean, and the lubricant will transfer from an operators hands to any surface they may touch. Avoid direct contact to skin.

Please clean up any accidents with a microfiber cloth.

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